Whalesharks and Saronde

by Oct 3, 2023

Whale sharks are known to frequent Gorontalo, Indonesia, primarily due to the area’s rich marine biodiversity and the availability of food sources. Gorontalo’s waters provide a suitable environment for these gentle giants because of its abundance of plankton and other small marine organisms, which are the main diet of whale sharks. Additionally, the underwater topography and currents in this region create favorable conditions for whale sharks to find food. As a result, Gorontalo has become a popular destination for divers and marine enthusiasts to encounter these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

From Saronde Island Resort in North Gorontalo, we can just ask the Rangers to get Information about Whaleshark sightings. Then we just make a Day Trip from Saronde to Gorontalos Batuberani to Dive or Snorkel with the Whalesharks