Napo Diving Trip

Diving trip to Napo Kima and Napo Raja with Saronde Resort  Team

The use of “napo” in naming atolls in Indonesia is due to the influence of local languages and cultures. “Napo” in Indonesian or local languages might be a word associated with boats or ship-like structures, which could be a fitting descriptor for the shape or formation of atolls.

Atolls are ring-shaped coral reefs, often with a central lagoon, resembling the shape of a boat or ship from an aerial perspective. Therefore, naming atolls after “napos” is to describe their appearance based on local cultural and linguistic references.

The “ Napo Kima Day Trip” offers you the possibility to dive at Walls and Coral Reefs , which nearly never saw another diver. The Drops of and gently slopes of Napo Kima and Namo Modotu are impressive, rich on corals and fish. Sharks, Tunasm Turtle and Rays are not unusual to spot here. Its not so much for macro, but we find here Cyerce or Bornella nudibranchs too.

The Napo Raja is a pinnacle with large top. Below 10 meters large fields of salad corals all around the pinnacle. Sandy bottom at 28 mtr and have the chance to see blacktip reefsharks, large tuna and the reef top is full of surprising macro and nudibranchs.

The trip would start 7 am after a small breakfast at our Restaurant in Saronde. With our boat, we drive approx.. 2 hours to the KIMA NAPOs. There is plenty of time to enjoy the morning cruise, watching the ocean or the beautiful mainland scape. Snacks and fruits, cold drinks, and coffee and tea are available, if you fancy a small breakfast during the cruise, just let us know. We will prepare for you.

The first two dives will be at NAPO KIMA and the Lunch will be served at the beach of Pulau Raja or Pulau Papaya. This is wave and tide-depending. If we can reach the beach with the boat. Swimming and Snorkeling you can reach the beaches and enjoy your surface interval there.

The Third dive will be at NAPO RAJA and after this we are cruising back to Saronde Island. After the third dive, we will need approx. 45 min back to out Island. ENJOY the lights of the afternoon sun or even already a little sunset before arrival again at Saronde.
Prices for this trip you find in our Price list here and if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask our Management at Saronde. We need to know 2 days before you wish to go for this trip .

Please just contact us for more details , we are happy to find the best way for you.