Land Tours

Saronde Island Resort, NOrth Gorontalo

Are you curious how the People in Gorontalo live or to check the ways to reach the next viewpoint? Raft a wild water river or walk through a local village? Let us know, we are happy to organize.

Here in Gorontalo, everything is authentic and untouched. Far away from the tourism in Manado, you can experience pure Indonesia here. a walk through the local market or to the nearby waterfall is just as exciting as a day trip to the town of Gorontalo or to Bogani National Park.
the villages of the nearby islands around Saronde are also very hospitable and authentic. it’s not just the children who look forward to your visit.

Contact us, we will be happy to organize half-day or day trips for you

Please just contact us for more details , we are happy to find the best way for you.