The Dive Boats

Saronde Island Resort, North Gorontalo

Saronde Island Resort

For your comfort and safety during the dive trips, bluebay saronde is equipped with three boats.
ENJOY – large and fast, panoramic windows and sunbathing area on the roof, a small drinks bar and of course toilet on board
NEMO – medium size and flexible to use as a dive or check in out boat.
KIKIO – our small speedboat is up and ready for short island hoppings or snorkel trips or a just-one-dive around our island saronde or bogisa.
With these three boats we are able to cater to the wishes of our guests as much as possible.
The dive boats are of course equipped with all necessary safety equipment such as life jackets and buoys as well as oxygen and a medical box.

We are looking forward to bring you to our disconnected island and dive sites.

The Bar at Saronde
Dive Boat - Saronde Resort
Dive Boat - Saronde Resort
Please just contact us for more details , we are happy to find the best way for you.