in Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park – Gorontalo

This is a Two days / one night Trip and can be combined with the Whaleshark Dive Trip.
Just Let us know and we will organize it as a combination or just as a National Park trip.

Let a local ranger and bird expert guide you through the jungle of North Sulawesi. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in the early morning hours and observe the partly endemic animals of the region. These include, for example, the Sulawesi hornbill, the Sulawesi hammer chicken, the Sulawesi kingfisher, but also other species such as the tarsier and the Horsfield tree squirrel.

We start on Saronde Island with a 30-minute boat ride to the mainland. From there it is about 3 hours by car to the village of Tulabolo next to the national park. Once there, we will explore the small village and end the day relaxing in our homestay. Our nice landlady will provide all the meals and refreshments.

Early the next morning, after a strengthening breakfast, we start our 5 – 6 hour hike. The ranger leads us on narrow paths through the jungle and convinces us with his expert knowledge about the animals and nature. With binoculars, even animals at higher altitudes and at long distances can be easily recognised.

After arriving at the ranger base camp, we will have a coffee break and recharge our batteries for the rest of the hike. You will also get a special insight into the breeding and protection of the Sulawesi Hammer chicken.

The unique excursion into the jungle of North Sulawesi will be celebrated with a traditional Indonesian lunch before returning to our paradise Saronde Island.

We will take care of you throughout the expedition with plenty of food, mosquito repellent, English-speaking guide and everything your heart desires.

What to bring:

  • Solid footwear (not necessarily hiking boots, but no flip-flops)
  • Rain jacket
  • Small backpack or bag for the hike
  • Good mood
Please just contact us for more details , we are happy to find the best way for you.